Friday Night Fish Fry
Friday Night Fish Fry
Embracing and Highlighting the Twin Cities Best Fish Frys


Friday Night Fish Fry 

I was greeted by the sweetest old lady. She handed me a paper plate, nodded towards the buffet, then
told me, ‘Honey, you look like you need to eat more.’
— Megan

Welcome to our pretty sweet guide for this Midwestern tradition 

Okay, good deal, you found us. Pretty sweet looking website we get here, dontcha think? Our mission here is simple, provide some guidance to the age old Lenten tradition of "Friday Night Fish Frys". There are a lot of posers out there just phoning it in like Brett Favre in Purple, so you came to the right place. We got a soft spot for those cozy church basements and friendly bars that embrace this time of year and pull out all the stops to put on one hell of a fish fry. 

We hope to hit them all in the next several years; I mean, we don't got nothing else to do on a Friday Night in the dead of winter in Minnesota, lets get serious. The ones we have an opportunity to visit will get a rating of 1-5 Jesus Fish. 5 Jesus Fish being the best damned fish fry we have ever been too. Now don't you worry, the lord don't mind us using his name since he was actually the first one to host a fish fry. Yeah, remember? The wine? The multiplying fish? Don't you for a second think they didn't fry those puppies up. 

So, how does our rating system work? Well, let me tell yah, it sure aint scientific, and might not be fair depending on if we got the car to start, if Dad was antsy, if he had his water filled up 25 times like pops likes, if he saw you being loosey goosey with the line, lettin' skippers run the joint, or a million other things, so we just can't make no promises.

You get the idea. Alright, lets get frying little fishies...




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